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Meet the Team

Small warning. They’re all liars.
CEO & Founder

Duane Ward

Founder and CEO, Duane Ward is the mysterious sorcerer who is the constant source of imagination and innovation. In New York one minute, and by your side with a new best-seller tour the next, Duane keeps the Premiere Marketing team inspired and on its toes.

Catch Duane in a Lie
Here are 10 facts about Duane that you many not know... and one lie. Want to know which one isn't true? Email Duane to find out.
  • The grandfather of four boys
  • Was on an episode of TV series "Wings" in 1991
  • Lived in seven states
  • Play the piano
  • Been a pilot for 12 years
  • Been married for 28 years
  • Bono recently ate lunch at our next door neighbor's house.
  • Have a theology degree
  • Have 4 million plus miles on my body
  • Spend one week per month in China
  • First vehicle I drove was a bus

Ira Akers

Ira Akers is the President of Premiere Collectibles, Premiere Marketing, and Bulkbooks. While he mostly oversees larger projects, Ira isn’t afraid to get hands on to ensure the success of every endeavor.

Catch Ira in a Lie
Here are 10 facts about Ira that you many not know... and one lie. Want to know which one isn't true? Email Ira to find out.
  • I’m an avid people watcher.
  • I love sleeping in small spaces.
  • My name is in the Rodeo Hall of Fame.
  • My first vehicle would not go over 65mph.
  • My Initials spell my name.
  • I was pulled over while leaving my wedding.
  • I won the state diving competition.
  • Married my high school sweetheart.
  • Rode a horse to elementary school.
  • I play the guitar.
  • I Know every word to Whoop There It Is.
Vice President

Bobby James

Bobby James is the Vice President of Premiere Marketing and Bulkbooks. Bobby facilitates some of our largest book orders, which goes hand in hand with executing our best-seller campaigns.

Catch Bobby in a Lie
Here are 10 facts about Bobby that you many not know... and one lie. Want to know which one isn't true? Email Bobby to find out.
  • I am a diehard Seahawks fan
  • I have lived in 4 different states, 3 of which in the last 6 years
  • I regularly take boxing classes
  • I met my wife while we were on separate vacations in Cabo San Lucas
  • After college, I moved to Steamboat Springs, CO. and worked for a snowboard shop for 2 years - riding 80 plus days a year.
  • My first car was a 1991 Dodge Shadow - don’t worry, no one knows what that is…
  • I love music - I have over 40,000 songs on my hard drive
  • Doing backflips is my party trick
  • I’ve broken every cell phone I’ve owned
  • I nearly destroyed my knee while snowboarding through some trees
  • I secretly want to be a ninja
Operations Manager

Krista Albright

Krista Albright is the Premiere Collectibles Operations Manager and Premiere Marketing Book Tour Manager. She keeps our website current, updated, and adds upcoming books. Krista also advances and manages book tour operations.

Catch Krista in a Lie
Here are 10 facts about Krista that you many not know... and one lie. Want to know which one isn't true? Email Krista to find out.
  • Taught a 3-month kayak class in the icy waters of Colorado with 3 cracked ribs
  • Shot down 7 out of 10 clay pigeons the first time shooting a rifle at age 12
  • Cracked up a trauma staff while singing a comedic tune during a brush with death
  • 7 years, months, days, hours, minutes & ounces apart from sister's birth record
  • Avid fan of brussels sprouts...
  • …but can't stand shrimp
  • Only traffic violation: running into a police car turning into the station
  • Says she's so tall is because she shares a birthday with Abraham Lincoln
  • Elmo once sang a song to her then 2 yr old during a work trip to Sesame Street
  • Wears her great great grandmother's class ring from 1898
  • Swore in high school to never wear skinny jeans. Now wears skinny jeans.
Events Manager

James Denny

James Denny is the Events Manager for Premiere Marketing. He does anything and everything needed to keep Premiere Collectibles and Premiere Marketing Events running smoothly.

Catch James in a Lie
Here are 10 facts about James that you many not know... and one lie. Want to know which one isn't true? Email James to find out.
  • I was born in Philadelphia.
  • I LOVE all Philly Sports Teams.
  • I was in Air Force ROTC.
  • My Instagram name is LLcoolJames.
  • I was wrestling high school state champ.
  • I lost my front teeth in a soccer game.
  • Ran for SGA President at the University of South Alabama.
  • Am a huge fan of meteorology.
  • Ate a pound burger with fries in 10 minutes.
  • The first ever 4 sport athlete from my high school.
  • Won a Treehouse for his family on Animal Planet’s hit show, Treehouse Masters.

Bring Your Fans To You

After producing national booktours for 20+ years thru Premiere Marketing, the need for an online version of a booksigning became obvious for authors who are unable or unwilling to travel for signings. Premiere Marketing now provides virtual book signings from the comfort of your nearest studio.

Connect With New Audiences

This is a new streaming video platform - combined with online book sales - that allows an author to connect with thousands of fans who may not have had access to "brick-and-mortar" book signings. The author can discuss their book and interact with fans virtually, all while selling hundreds of "reporting" books!