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Book Tours

From scheduling stops to wrapping the bus, you can have peace of mind knowing we're handling every aspect of your tour.

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Bulk Books Sales

Why buy one when you can buy a hundred? We are America's fastest growing provider of books in bulk.

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Meet the Team

Small warning, They’re all liars.
Bulk Books


Founder and CEO, Duane Ward is the mysterious sorcerer who is the constant source of imagination and innovation. In New York one minute, and by your side with a new best-seller tour the next, Duane keeps the Premiere Marketing team inspired and on its toes.

Here are 10 facts about Duane that you many not know... and one lie. Want to know which one isn't true? Email Duane to find out.

  • The grandfather of four boys
  • Was on an episode of TV series "Wings" in 1991
  • Lived in seven states
  • Play the piano
  • Been a pilot for 12 years
  • Been married for 28 years
  • Bono recently ate lunch at our next door neighbor's house.
  • Have a theology degree
  • Spends one week per month in China
  • First vehicle I drove was a bus
Bulk Books

Bobby James Vice President

Bobby James is the Vice President of Premiere Marketing, Premiere Collectibles, and Bulk Books. Bobby facilitates our largest book orders, which go hand in hand with executing our best-seller campaigns. You can catch this superhuman at the gym every morning or on Thursday’s playing Ultimate Frisbee.

Here are 10 facts about Bobby that you many not know... and one lie. Want to know which one isn't true? Email Bobby to find out.

  • I am a diehard Seahawks fan
  • I have lived in 4 different states, 3 of which in the last 6 years
  • I regularly take boxing classes
  • I met my wife while we were on separate vacations in Cabo San Lucas
  • After college, I moved to Steamboat Springs, CO. and worked for a snowboard shop for 2 years - riding 80 plus days a year.
  • My first car was a 1991 Dodge Shadow - don’t worry, no one knows what that is…
  • I love music - I have over 40,000 songs on my hard drive
  • Doing backflips is my party trick
  • I’ve broken every cell phone I’ve owned
  • I nearly destroyed my knee while snowboarding through some trees
  • I secretly want to be a ninja
Bulk Books

Lauren Baskin Project/Marketing Manager

Lauren Baskin is the Project and Marketing Manager for Premiere Marketing and LiveSigning. She proactively manages multiple projects, produces detailed marketing documents, and assists Meridian with everything needed to keep Premiere Marketing running smoothly. Even in the summertime, you’ll find Lauren at her desk with the space heater on. Burrr!

Here are 10 facts about Lauren that you many not know... and one lie. Want to know which one isn't true? Email Lauren to find out.

  • I am ambidextrous
  • I have broken 6 bones and torn my MCL - I already have arthritis
  • I share my birthday with my grandmother and about a million frat guys.
  • I put over 330,000 miles on my VW Beetle
  • I have traveled to 15 states
  • I have a Master’s degree in IT
  • Secretly wants to be a food critic
  • My family went on a Make-A-Wish trip sponsored by my high school
  • Received a black belt in karate
  • Worked as a whitewater rafting guide
  • Spent my 22nd birthday white water rafting and ziplining in Argentina
Bulk Books

Jacob Hardin Distribution Center Manager

Jacob Hardin serves as the Premiere Collectibles warehouse manager, it his duty to make sure orders are fulfilled and shipped out to customers in a timely manner. Jacob’s hidden talent is his skillful forklift acrobatics!

Bulk Books

Matt McKnight President

Matt McKnight is the President of Premiere Marketing. He has a hand in driving all parts of the business forward in order to best serve our clients. If he doesn’t respond immediately, he’s probably busy poring over analytics or following you around the web with digital ads.

Here are 10 facts about Matt that you many not know... and one lie. Want to know which one isn't true? Email Matt to find out.

  • Barack Obama wrote on my Myspace wall in 2007
  • Received a letter from the Unabomber
  • Once caught a fish with a hand carved spear
  • Started a media channel that became the most followed news source in my college town
  • Was on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives when Obamacare passed
  • Created fake Bigfoot tracks that made it in an international documentary
  • Lived in india for five months
  • Have a lock of George Washington’s hair
  • Once an amateur AP photographer
  • Knows all the words to "We Didn’t Start the Fire"
Bulk Books

Meridian Pratt Director of Operations

Meridian Pratt is the Operations Manager at Premiere Marketing. She acts as primary relationship manager between our organization and the client once a project is confirmed through its execution. Catch Merry in the wind, as she sprints from her office to moon, and then back again.

Here are 10 facts about Meridian that you many not know... and one lie. Want to know which one isn't true? Email Meridian to find out.

  • Worked as a Veterinary Assistant
  • Was a Division I Pole Vaulter in college
  • Hates sushi
  • Has a pet rabbit
  • Once saved her date’s life
  • Has never had a burger
  • Helped take care of a goat herd
  • Was a Rock climbing instructor
  • Favorite animal is a giraffe
  • Worked as a whitewater rafting guide
  • Lived in 4 different states
Bulk Books

Travis Franklin Director of Marketing

Travis is a wanderer. He goes where the wind blows, and walks winding roads. Travis has a hand in all design and marketing initiatives at Premiere. He handles projects from email marketing campaigns to designing bus wraps for our next book tour.

Here are 10 facts about Travis that you many not know... and one lie. Want to know which one isn't true? Email Travis to find out.

  • I am a 3rd degree brown belt kickboxer.
  • I have a camera that has been used in 134 different countries.
  • I was interrogated by Russian military intelligence when I was 13.
  • I make a mean Pad Thai.
  • I've been on over 1500 airplanes.
  • I've stayed in over 1100 hotels.
  • I learned conversational Chinese in College, and then promptly forgot it.
  • I play Piano, guitar, hand percussion and bass. (and sometimes, I play the fool)
  • In high School my nickname was Lucky Leprechaun. I still don't know why.
  • I once almost had my hand eaten off by piranha in Peru
  • I will beat you at Romanian speed with one hand tied behind my back. (It's really the only way to play)
Bulk Books

Ben Salstrand Distribution Center Assistant

Ben Salstrand is the youngest of the group, he assists the Warehouse manager to ensure inventory is stored in the correct location and that each book is personally wrapped according to the Premiere standard. Book this guy around Christmas, he’s the best gift wrapper we’ve ever seen!